Burgers & Pizza

All pizzas are served on a 12” base with tomato sauce and mozzarella topping

Margherita cheese and tomato       £9.50

Pepperoni pepperoni      £10.00

Hawaiian ham and pineapple      £10.00

The Goatie goats cheese with red onion and pesto      £10.50

Galleon Meat Feast pepperoni, BBQ chicken, ham, spicy beef & BBQ sauce      £10.50

Hot And Spicy spicy beef, spicy chicken, pepperoni, jalapeños and chilli flakes      £10.50

Toppings      Add an extra topping to any pizza each £1.00

Pepperoni, Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Sliced Tomato, Tuna,
Pineapple, BBQ Sauce, BBQ Chicken, Spicy Beef, Ham, Jalapeños or
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Pulled Pork £2.00