Chicken Goujons £8.25
Southern fried chicken goujons served with a salad garnish and sweet chilli dip.

Garlic Ciabatta
Grilled Ciabatta smothered in garlic butter. £3.00
Add cheese £1.00

Crispy Coated Squid Rings
Crispy coated squid rings, served with a salad garnish and lemon mayo £8.50

Bruschetta– Toasted ciabatta with a classic bruschetta topping. £8.00

Nachos (v) – Tortilla chips topped with salsa, jalapeños and melted cheese,
with a dollop of sour cream £7.00
add chilli £2.00


Chips      £2.00
Cheesy chips      £2.50
Garlic bread      £3.00
Onion rings (x8)      £2.00